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Asian brick industry

Growing economies, population growth and rapid urban¬isation have caused a boom in construction activities in
developing countries. There is a very strong correlation between these three factors and demand for building
 materials. Almost every economic activity has an impact on building materials : not only is the growth of
infra¬structure and urban buildings stimulating this demand, higher incomes are also leading to a higher demand
for housing as people aspire for more comfort and built-up space. This is the case for the richer segments,
but it also applies for the poorer segments of society who will invest most of their economic prosperity in
housing improve¬ments. Many houses of the 4 billion people living in Asia are being constantly upgraded, but
this almost invisible process tends to be underestimated : most poor people tend to improve their houses ‘
brick by brick ‘ whenever their fi nancial situation allows – a process called ‘  incre¬mental housing ‘.