Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Basic brick factory (Brick machinery +Drying by sun +Hoffman kiln)

 Tentative layout of basic brick factory


1. Description

This kind of brick factory adopts the twice setting process that is soft extrusion, drying by sun and firing by Hoffman kiln.Green bricks are transported to the drying site and dried by sun during 4-7 days. Dried green bricks are transported to Hoffman kiln where they are fired to finished bricks.

This brick factory is characterized by:
Advantages: low investment,
Disadvantages: More labor requirements, production influenced by weather condition, poor working conditions,low acceptance rate.

2.Basic requirements to set up brick plant

1) Raw materials   (Clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash etc…,)
2) Land for brick plant:   20000 ~ 25000 m2  (214,000 ~267,500 square foot)
3) Workshop for machinery:  1500~ 2500 m2 (16000~ 27000 square foot)
4) Power:   300~500KW
5) Water source
6) Fuel:   Coal,gas,heavy oil etc..

3.Service for setting up brick factory

Before-sale services:
(1) Tell customer how to build a brick plant, the complete plant including three parts, brick shaping machinery,
drying and firing.(Confirm clay,power electricity,water,land area, fund)
(2) Guide customers to choose the best and economic plant, recover the investment within short time.
(3) Site inspection
(4) We are responsible for the offer, flow chart, and detail specification of each machinery.

In-Sale services:
(1)Quality control must be inspected strictly
(2)In accordance with the agreements stipulated in the contract

After-sale services:
(1) We will send the technicians to guide with device installation, debugging and training operators until
customers are fully satisfied.
(2) Guarantee for machinery, materials and equipment supplied under this quotation
are valid for a period of 12 months after commissioning or 16 months after delivery whichever is earlier.
Warranty shall cover manufacturing defect in material and workmanship but exclude:
a. Daily wear and tear                              b.mishandling or improper operation
c. Incoming power supply fluctuation        d. Consumable and spare parts.
(3) Regular visit customer, consult with the customer feedback

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