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Challenges in dissemination of energy conservation and pollution control measures 2

iii) Lack of financial resources and lack of access to credit from financial institutions is one of the major barrier in carrying out technology improvements. This is particularly true for small and medium sized kilns.

iv) Lack of R&D Continuous R&D is required to improve existing technology as well as for finding solution to problems encountered during dissemination. Therefore a R&D and technical support programme also becomes a part of the dissemination effort. Organised in-house R&D in brick industry is rare in India. Some organised R&D has been carried out in government controlled research institutions, but the dissemination of the developed technology has remained poor. Brick industry has to realise that it can not depend on external (government as well as non government) R&D institutions for development of technology. These institutes at the best could provide guidance, testing facilities, monitoring support etc. but it is the industry which will have to take a lead in R&D.

These are some of the issues which should be discussed in this workshop and in other forums of the industry with the objective of preparing an action plan (initially may be of 10 years duration) for dissemination of efficient technology in brick industry. The responsibility of preparing such an action plan lies with the industry associations. The action plan: a) should fix targets to be achieved in the prescribed time period, b) should list down actions required to achieve the targets; c) assess the need for external assistance and the expected role of various institutions. Institutes like TERI are ready to provide any help in the preparation of the action plan and in canvassing support from government as well as bilateral and multilateral development agencies for technology improvement in this vital industry.