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Cleaning of clay brick work

Staining can mar the appearance of brickwork, but incorrect cleaning techniques can cause permanent damage. Consequently, any proposed method of cleaning should be tried out in a small unobtrusive area and left for at least a week to judge the results before the whole job is tackled. The techniques given here are intended for do­it­yourself work in removing relatively small areas of staining. A specialist contractor should be engaged for cleaning large areas of brickwork.


It is preferable to use wooden scrapers and stiff fibre brushes to avoid damaging the bricks but where chemicals are to be used, the brickwork should be thoroughly wetted with clean water to prevent it absorbing the chemicals, and rinsed thoroughly with clean water afterwards. Adjacent features such as metal windows and the area at the foot of the wall should be protected from splashing of the chemicals.

Many of the chemicals recommended are caustic, acidic or poisonous, so care should be taken and protective clothing and goggles should be worn. Volatile solvents should only be used indoors under conditions of good ventilation. It is essential to identify the type of stain or deposit before any cleaning operations are undertaken.