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Concrete Block Making Machine

concrete block making machine

 1.       Descriptions of Concrete Block Making Machine
a. This type of block making machine is capable of producing unfired concrete blocks and bricks.

b. The Concrete Block Making Machine has high-efficiency and super-strong vibration system, to realize vertically synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and braking.

c. The machine frame is made of super- strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely.

d. The whole process uses a PLC control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal.

2.       Raw material of Concrete block making machine
The concrete brick or block is mainly made from stone powder, gravel, sand, industrial wastes, and proper ratio of cement, etc. Combined with a proper amount of water, these materials are mixed together to form dry and rigid concrete, then shaped into bricks or blocks of various specifications by concrete block making machine.
raw material for brick making machine

3.       Finished product of concrete block making machine
finished product of brick making machine
finished product of brick making machine

4.       Technical specification of concrete block making machine





Size (mm)

QT4-25 1700-2700 32 5 4250*3500*2580
QT4-15 2900-3360 35 5.5 4950*3500*2580
QT6-15 3000-3600 43 8.5 6250*3500*2680
QT8-15 4200-4800 46.7 10.5 6250*2500*2680
QT9-15 5200-6000 49.2 12.5 6550*2500*2680
QT10-15 7500-8600 43 13.5 7250*2500*2680






5. Features of concrete blocks&bricks:

a. Blocks&bricks with various intensities and specifications can be produced to meet the requirements of special buildings.
b. Making use of industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables
c. Waste concrete bricks&blocks can be also recycled and thus a comprehensive resource utilization rate is greatly improved.

d. Good looking, construction convenient, low-floor real jigsaw puzzle, and the high buildings do filler and cheap.

e. Low investment and achieving much faster results, customers can profit in half a year after investing.

6. Requirement of Establishing the Cement Block Factory

a. Make sure the convenient transportation for raw materials and finished product.
b. The cement block machine power supply should be 380V, and the capacity is 30KVA. Both of them can be adjusted according to the actual conditions of different countries.
c. Ensure the flatness of the cement block production place. Place should be big enough for the block natural curing. 
d. Water supply is necessary. Generally, tap water is feasible.
e. The cement block machine should be installed inside the factory.
f. The cement block factory site should be near to the highways, but away from the residential areas.

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