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Different types of brick kilns 1

The brick firing process consists essentially of increasing the temperature of the bricks progressively over a period of time, holding it at a peak temperature ( at about 800-1100oC ), and then cooling back to the ambient temperature. Several chemical and physical changes take place in a brick during this process. They include removal of mechanical moisture or drying of bricks ; combustion of inherent carbonaceous matter; decomposition of the clay molecules and evaporating of chemically combined water ; and  nally vitrication, a process of forming new mineral phases including liquid phases, which on cooling set as glass phases and provide strength to the red brick. During its 6,500 years of history of  ring bricks, human kind has used a large variety of kilns. Over the years, brick kilns have basically evolved from rudimentary ‘ intermittent ‘ kilns to more complex, energy-efficient ‘continuous ‘ kilns.