Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Features of clay brick making machine.

1. Uses the principle of  two-cylinder,  two axle, double engine  feeding and extruding  .  productivity was  enhanced  double  on the base of single cylinder extruder.

2. lower  double reamer relative revolution, feeding smooth no returned phenomenon .thus press clay board was cancelled .which can save 20% electricity . The effects were remarkable.

3. The complete machine uses steel .it is firm ,durable ,high extruding pressure  and strong bearing capacity.

4. The upper and down layer mainly adopts 40Gr quenching and retempering treatment . the axis intensity is high.

5. It is long wear-resisting and long service life for  reamer ,the clay cylinder lining ,neck ,outlet , all adopted high antifriction metal material.

6. The outlet adopts plate-adjusting principle which can avoid the adobe piece  extruding out  from right to  left .and  can make adobe dense, finished brick rate is high..

7. The reducer of  upper and lower stage all adopts hard gear face reducer. It is good quality, small noise, steady movement.

8. This machine can change to big model and  extrude out 4-6 column as customers requirement.

9. The machine is “-”structure.  down and upper motor drive respectively. Which can meet different  material , and can use coal gangue ,shale ,fly ash ,mud to make all kinds of hollow brick.

10. Combined mechanical oil pump and manual oil pump. it can give proper oil to main spot at fixed time and  running smoothly ,the failure rate is low..

11. This machine has many innovations in the introduction overseas vanguard technology foundation, its innovation spot has obtained the country patent of invention.