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Features of tunnel dryer

Brick tunnel dryer is used together with hoffman kiln or tunnel kiln.It can speed up drying bricks process by taking the energy from the kiln. The drying time will be vary from 10-30 hours according to different raw material quality The brick production process will not be influenced by rainy season,like in Bangladesh. Also, it does not influence environment very much.

Brick tunnel dryer has the following features:

1. High efficiency: Speed up for green brick drying than the natural air drying.
2. Energy saving: waste heat from kiln, it could recovery the waste heat from kiln.
3. No influence by the bad weather, even in raining and wet/cold weather, could continuously operation for green brick
4. Saving your area and labor:If use dryer, it will use small area and labors than natural air drying.
5. It should have dryer, when you need cell brick with high hole rate or clay material.
6. Drying chamber is used together with kiln. It can speed up drying bricks taking the energy from the kiln, the production will not be influenced by rainy season or low temperature, such as in Bangladesh, India, Russian etc.