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History of bricks (Part two)

In contrast, broad areas of the Roman Empire were built of brick. The letters “SPQR” (“the senate
and the people of Rome”), which demanded respect from all, can be found along with various legion
symbols carved into Roman bricks throughout the entire scope of their empire. From aqueducts and
early Christian basilicas to military, cultural and civil constructions. Bricks, wherever one looks.
The post card photographs of Europe would be bereft of so many powerful subjects if Rome’s brick
had never existed.
In Vienna, brick production has had a continually growing tradition at least since the construction
boom during the last third of the 19th century. In a museum dedicated expressly to the history of
brick, one can enjoy an introduction to this material so deeply connected with humankind. From Babylon
to Wienerberg, a Central European brick centre, from a legendary hallmark of early cultural history
to the trademark of a “global player”.