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Hoffman kiln in south africa

As a result a study visit was undertaken to view some Hoffmann Kilns in use at Stewartby Brick Works, elements of which could contribute to the design of a ‘no­frills’ incinerator with a lower capital cost. It was thought that the low support fuel requirement and minimum number of moving parts as well as the high combustion temperatures achieved via the Hoffmann Kiln could contain useful elements for the low cost solid-waste incinerator project.

It is in this context that a study visit was organised to investigate the design and operation of a Hoffmann brick kiln. The objective was to assess whether there are aspects of the design and operation that could be incorporated into the design of a low cost solid waste incinerator.

The visit was to Hanson Brick’s Stewartby brick works in Bedfordshire where there are two Hoffmann-type kilns in operation.  An initial meeting was held between the study team (Andrew Russell and Roberto Vogel) and Roger Sharp of Hanson Brick and Geoff Bowler (ex. Hanson Brick) followed by a tour of an operational Hoffman Kiln. The visit concluded with a second meeting to discuss design and operational aspects of the Hoffmann Kiln and their relevance to solid waste incinerator design.