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How to choose between hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln


As we all know, Hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln are two ways of firing clay brick. but how to choose between hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln ?Hope below difference of two kinds of kiln can help you choos right one.

1.  Investment.

Hoffman kiln Investment is very cheap compared with Tunnel kiln.

2. capacity

Hoffman kiln have large and small one , various capacity can use hoffman kiln. Tunnel kiln only used for large capacity production line, at least 100,000pcs/day.

3. Automatic and labors needed

Hoffman kiln features low degree of automation, so needs a little more labor worker. Tunnel kiln is more advance and automatic, so needs a little less labor.

4. fuel used per brick

For the fuel used per brick , hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln is more or less the same.


In a total , if clients capacity is not large and wants to use less money to start produce soon , then hoffman is fit for you. if clients wants to produce large capacity with more automation, then Tunnel kiln is better for you.