Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Full Series Double Stage Vacuum Extruder

JK Series double stage vacuum extruder is suitable to produce all kinds of hollow or solid brick & block,
with all kind of raw material:clay,shale,coal slack, fly ash etc. Wear resistant metal spraying technology
was applied to the screw, pug mill, axis of screw.Seasoning,conditioning, quenching treatment make sure the
body of extruder work in long life. The harden surface gear was adopted in reducer.Air clutch are a component
with own patent. All the treatments make the machine life-saving ,meanwhile the reasonable design,compact
structure reduce the energy consumption.

Technical specification:

Model Capacity(pcs/h) Power(kw) W(ton) Size (mm)
JKY60/60-40 13000~20000 90*+250* 25 7500×3300×2800
JKY60/55-40 13000~18000 25 7500×3300×2800
JKY55/55-40 12000~17000 75*+185* 16.5 7200×3300×2600
JKY50/50E-40 11000~15000  55*+160* 15 7200×3300×2600
JKB50/50B-35 11000~16000 55*+132* 12.5 6750×1880×2540
JKB50/50C-32 11000~16000 55*+132* 12 6750×1880×2540
JKB45/45D-35 10000~13000  45*+110* 11.3 6370×1910×2350
JKB45/45F-30 10000~14000 45*+90* 11.3 6210×1560×2350
JKR40/40F-25 8000~12000 37*+75* 9.6 5660×1680×2150
JKR35/35D-20 7000~9000 30*+55* 6.3 5040×1600×2000









Features of brick machine:

  • Lower cost —-Compact structure. Cost-effective. 
  • Reliable performance —-It is controlled by air clutch, sensitive, convenient and reliable of operation. 
  • Stronger adaptability —-It’s applicable for the production of high-rate hollow bricks with the materials of coal gangue, fly-ash, shale, urban construction waste, gangue waste, inferior soil and etc.
  • Easily operation —-Two stage vacuum extruder automatically extrude green bricks. & Cutting strip controlled by PLC, simple operation.
  • High efficiency  —-High production capacity
  • Longer operation lifetime —-The machine adopts high quality bearing, guarantee the machinery lifetime. & Gears of reducer are hard tooth surfaces.
  • Convenient maintenance —-Reasonable structure designing. Wearing parts easily replaced.
  • Simple daily maintenance —-Maintenance Cycle : One or two times every month.

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