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Nature’s building material: clay brick

Nature’s building material, clay brick

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
•    Nature’s building material: For thousands of years, bricks and clay roof tiles have been made
from the elements of earth, water, fire and air, and are treasured as a natural product with outstanding
properties. Even today, the trend is for bricks and tiles as people search for healthy solutions for
their homes. Not only because the natural product meets all requirements for healthy living, but also
because it allows all the wishes of individual, modern architecture to be fulfilled.
•    In harmony with nature: From the extraction of the raw material, via production to the finished
brick, Wienerberger places a lot of value on the protection of resources and on a high degree of environmental
tolerance in the entire production process.
•    Obligations towards the environment: Having extracted the clay, the mined areas are returned to
nature through a process of recultivation. Environmental aspects of transport routes are also taken into
consideration. The raw materials come from the immediate vicinity of the production sites and decentralised
production allows the route of the finished brick or clay roof tile to the construction site to be kept as
short as possible.
•    Values for generations: By investing continuously in quality, research and product development as well
as new applications, Wienerberger is making a contribution to the perpetuation of a tradition that has existed
for thousands of years, thereby creating assets for future generations.