Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Necessary steps to produce hollow bricks 1

Disassembly of Clay
As a first step, the assessment of the quality of raw material is done by experienced geologists. After that
the excavated clay is laid in layers on stockpile and is kept outside for about one year to ensure consistency.

Processing of Clay
At the second stage clay is collected from the stockpile and shoveled into the box feeder. Water, sand and saw
dust are added to the clay in the mixer and are mixed to the correct consistency. Following, the clay is fed into
the grinder where it is reduced in size to smallgranules. A conveyor transport the ground clay to the clay stock.
And finally the mixed clay is dropped into the extruder.

Extrusion by brick machine
During this step the brick mass is pushed through a die and then cut into individual bricks. One die is sufficient
for up to 10mn. brick units. The ‘green’ (wet bricks) are put on pallets and automatically transferred to the dryer.