Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Necessary steps to produce hollow bricks 2

Drying takes up to 36 hours for thinner bricks and up to 45 hours for thicker. Moisture content of a brick
drops from 20% to 2%. After the process of drying the bricks are automatically repackaged into a firing setting
and automatically transferred to the kiln by kiln cars.

After drying the bricks are then fired for 6-36 hours in the kiln, which is usually heated by natural gas or
coal at a temperature >900°C. Through firing, clay gets strength, while burnt pulp and saw dust create small
holes inside bricks, which increase the heat insulation.

Optionally, to produce high margin plain bricks, the bricks are passed through a grinder for reduced construction

After removal from kiln cars and grinding, the bricks are packed and made ready for shipping.

Storage/ Delivery
Packaging bricks are taken outside the plant by forklifts and placed for storage.