Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Remove malfunction of brick machine

In order to solve the malfuction, technicists are pay out huge efforts and cost. At last they composed the mud chamber and the two bearings to a unity which solve the biggest problem. But the huge conter force and cost still trouble technicists.




Reasons Remove


1.mud chamber

fever but not out mud bar

1.propeller and the iron mouth not derusting

2.pug has a low water ratio or uneven

3. main shaft speed too high

1.Must be derusting and antiquing.

2.increase the water ratio,keep the quality of pug

3.keep the main shaft speed up to the rated speed

2.mud bar fracture 1.extrude gate uneven of leak water

2.the soil has a high sand ratio

1.trim the extrude gate

2.increase crushers, mixers to improve the plasticity of the pug.

3.Mub bar not in shape 1.pug has uneven water ratio.

2.extrude gate has problems

1.increase crushers, mixer, increase the water ratioregularity and plasticity

2.adjust the water yield of the extrude gate.

4.Machine body shaking 1.bolts not firmly

2.bearings are damaged

3.over loading

1.check and revise the wrongly place

And lock the bolts

2.check bearings temperature,revise concentricity, replacing damaged bearings, oil lubricate grease

3.revise concentricity, keep the power is match the rated power.

5.Mud bar out speed come down 1.propeller abration heavily

2.extrude gate blocked

1.replacing or revise the propeller

2.stop the machine and clean

6.Clutch fever and without strength 1.pressing force is light

2.the coil too tight

1.adjust pressing force, let the support legs in right position and don’t non-silp.

2.Turn the coil to suitable tightness

7.Brick cutter running fire. l.woodruff key not flexible

2.spring with low strength

3.shotpin not flexible

l.trim the degree of finish of the woodruff key

2.adjust the spring strength 
3.trim the surface adjust clearance