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Single Stage Vacuum Extruder

Single stage vacuum extruder is patented product The design is reasonable and it works with high pressure. It can produce all kinds of solid and hollow bricks with low plasticity raw materials. It is most suitable for middle and small brick factory with features as high efficiency,energy saving (only one motor),wide application and smaller investment.

Technical specification:

Model Capacity (pcs/h) Power(kw) W(ton) Size (mm)
JKBL50/50-35 11000~15000 160* 8.4 5260×1760×1950
JKRL45/45-25 11000~13000 110* 7.1 5280×1700×1850
JKRL40/40-20 8000~11000 90* 6.2 4580×1620×1700
JKRL35/35B-15 7000~9000 75* 5.2 4400×1550×1620

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