Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Site Characteristics and Access for starting one brick factory

It is recommended that a brick production of 1000 bricks per day will require 600-1000 m3 of space.

Brick production requires transport for supplies and the finished bricks. Depending on the rate of
production, frequent transportation will be required so there will need to be reliable tractors or
trucks, etc. Also, access must be good for where the completed bricks will be transported.

Tools and Equipment
The following is a sample list of tools and equipment recommended for a 15 person crew, working to
produce 1000 bricks per day, taken from Village Level Brickmaking.

6 hoes
2 pick axes
4 shovels
4 axes
4 machetes
2 wheelbarrows
3 empty fuel drums, each 200 liter capacity
7 buckets or pails
6 hinge molds
2 molding tables
4 bow cutters
8 pallets
4 carrying boards