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Solutions for reducing fuel use and increasing efficiency in brick production 2

Insulating a clamp
After the clamp is constructed, mud and broken bricks should be used to insulate the sides and top
of the structure. A good insulation of the clamp will help reduce the amount of wood used by keeping
more heat in the kiln as well as heating the outer sections of the clamp more efficiently. This will
result in a more thorough firing of all the bricks.

Alternative fuel sources
There are many alternative sources of fuel used to fire a kiln that can replace firewood, which can
be helpful in areas where firewood is already scarce. Some of these alternatives are:

Husks from coffee and rice
Coconut shells
Elephant grass
Dry stalks
There are different ways to use these alternative fuels, also. Finer fuels such as sawdust, husks and
coal powder can be added directly to the clay mix. The fuel will burn completely within the clamp. This
 will also help reduce the chances of cracking during the drying process. Another way to use the
alternative fuel is to throw it directly into the fuel tunnels. This is called charging, and the fuel
will burn and release a sudden burst of high energy. Other fuels, such as coconut shells or coal, can
 be mixed with the fuel used for charging.