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Treatment to the air-leak of the vacuum chamber of brick machine

Vacuum pump should be adjusted according to the vacuum illustration.User can start the vacuum pump based on the extruder running and pug extruded up to snuff. Light a candle or easy to release smoke material. First, check from the first mud chamber, if it leak air, the flame or smoke will be suck in the vacuum chamber. The solution of this is the open the first mud chamber, cut short the helix blade of the seal up section, extend the seal up section. The length should be not too long, and the air not be leaked is ok. The length too long will enlarge resistance and the energy cost.As the abrasion of the blade, the length of the seal up section. Second, check every commissure of the vacuum chamber. If it severity to air leak, please open the vacuum chamber, other occasion use good seal gum seal the air-leak place after cleaned by acetone. Because vacuum chamber is negative pressure, it is easy to seal up. Moving seal section should use butt-end packing method, abrasion place use high viscosity, stand fire grease.Outer seal structure turning with the shaft, stator is inside. The four bolts of the seal stucture are springs, the spring pressure can be adjusted by turn the large coil. Because vacuum chamber is negative pressure, the spring pressure should not too high. At beginning may has little air leaking, it will be well after running in.