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What does traditional Brick Factory like? (Part one)

Tradition brick factory is a factory for the manufacturing of bricks, from mud by labors and in this kind of
traditional factory there is no modern equipments but all the works is don by workers.
Most brickworks have some or all of the following:
*A kiln, for firing, or ‘burning’ the bricks.
*Drying yard or shed, for drying bricks before firing.
*A yard land for manufacturing the bricks.
*A quarry for clay.
*A pugmill or clay preparation plant
* a mud built furn or kiln.
Brick making
In a traditional brickworks, clay is taken from the quarry, and then carried by workers to the yard After
the forming or cutting, the bricks must be dried, in the open air, in drying sheds, When the bricks have
been dried, they must then be fired or ‘burnt’ in a kiln, to give them their final hardness and appearance.

still there are around 300 traditional brick factory in the suburb of Tehran but most of them now is closed.
use of the Traditional brick-baking kiln or manually or pressure brick factory is very old in Persia. Persian’s
most famous ancient brick arch of Anushirvan or Al-Mada’in currently situated in Iraq .Bricks by hand (pressure)
is seven thousand years old, Tehran capital of 220 years , with older homes and historic traditional identity
both modern and traditional building are made of traditional bricks. beauty are indebted to their identity and
bricks. now after thousands of years this traditional work takes its last breaths.and a few factory still are
functioning. modern factory and modern style of bricks has substituted the hand bricks.