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What is zig-zag kiln

In zig-zag kilns the length of the kiln gallery is increased by zig-zagging the chambers and the fire follows a zig-zag path instead of the straight path followed in a BTK. At one point of time zig-zag kilns were widely used in developed countries particularly in Germany and Australia. In Europe, the interior cross-section of the kiln used to be small in original zig-zag kilns (7.5 ft wide x 7.5 ft high) and the kiln used to have 16-20 chambers each 20-25 ft long. Fan draught was provided and the kiln operated on high draught at a very fast rate of fire travel (50 -100 ft per day). The Habla kiln is a form of zig-zag kiln without crown and in which the division walls between chambers are made of green bricks. The top of the setting is covered by a layer of two or three courses of bricks followed by a layer of ash.