Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine



The basic concept of brick kiln technology in developing countries has changed little over the past thousands of years. Brick making is

an ancient technology. Bricks are made, dried, fired and cooled. Kilns first started in pits, walls were then added. The addition of a

chimney stack, improved the air flow or draw of the kiln, thus burning the fuel more completely. Several variations have been invented  

over the years with varying degrees of efficiency and cost. Brick kilns fall into one, or both, of the following categories: Intermittent

Kilns are sealed and the internal temperature increased according to a schedule. After the firing process is complete, both the kiln and

bricks are cooled. The kiln is left to cool sufficiently before the bricks can be removed. Due to the relative ease and cost of construction

these are the kilns types primarily used  in developing countries.