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Clay brick making machine India

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We are the largest manufacturer of clay brick making machine in China found in1984. We have exported the clay brick machinery and realized many brick plant projects in more than 20 countries. Our clay brick making machine is very suitable with indian clay. Finished bricks are of high quality.

1. Description

Clay brick making machine is suitable for materials as clay, gangue, shale and fly ash and produces hollow and solid bricks by different molds.
brick sample

There is logo making machine which works with clay brick making machine to make logo on the bricks.
logo brick
Clay brick making machine has three types: double stage vacuum extruder, single stage vacuum extruder and non vacuum extruder. Following is the comparison between them.




Double stage vacuum extruder

can produce good quality hollow and solid bricks

High power consumption, large investment

Single stage vacuum extruder

can produce hollow and solid bricks, medium power consumption and investment

Can not produce hollow brick with big cell rate.

Non vacuum extruder

low power consumption, small investment

can produce solid and simple hollow bricks


2.Characteristic of clay brick making machine

  • Lower cost —-Compact structure. Cost-effective.
  • Reliable performance —-It is controlled by air clutch, sensitive, convenient and reliable of operation.
  • Easily operation —-Two stage vacuum extruder automatically extrude green bricks. & Cutting strip controlled by PLC, simple operation.
  • High efficiency  —-High production capacity, much more efficient than manual making
  • Longer operation lifetime —-The machine adopts high quality bearing, guarantee the machinery lifetime. & Gears of reducer are hard tooth surfaces.
  • Convenient maintenance —-Reasonable structure designing. Wearing parts easily replaced.
  • Simple daily maintenance —-Maintenance Cycle : One or two times every month.


3.Technical specification of clay brick making machine

a. Double stage vacuum extruder

Model Capacity(pcs/h) Power(kw) W(ton) Size (mm)
JKY60/60-40 13000~20000 90*+250* 25 7500×3300×2800
JKY60/55-40 13000~18000 25 7500×3300×2800
JKY55/55-40 12000~17000 75*+185* 16.5 7200×3300×2600
JKY50/50E-40 11000~15000  55*+160* 15 7200×3300×2600
JKB50/50B-35 11000~16000 55*+132* 12.5 6750×1880×2540
JKB50/50C-32 11000~16000 55*+132* 12 6750×1880×2540
JKB45/45D-35 10000~13000  45*+110* 11.3 6370×1910×2350
JKB45/45F-30 10000~14000 45*+90* 11.3 6210×1560×2350
JKR40/40F-25 8000~12000 37*+75* 9.6 5660×1680×2150
JKR35/35D-20 7000~9000 30*+55* 6.3 5040×1600×2000








b. Single stage vacuum extruder

Model Capacity (pcs/h) Power(kw) W(ton) Size (mm)
JKBL50/50-35 11000~15000 160* 8.4 5260×1760×1950
JKRL45/45-25 11000~13000 110* 7.1 5280×1700×1850
JKRL40/40-20 8000~11000 90* 6.2 4580×1620×1700
JKRL35/35B-15 7000~9000 75* 5.2 4400×1550×1620





c. Non vacuum extruder

Model Capacity (pcs/h) Power (kw) W(ton) Size (mm)
JZ40-6 9000~11000  55 3 3850×1200×1120
JZ35A-5 7000~9000  45 2.3 2700×1150×1100



 We usually recommend our indian customer choose JKR40/40F-25 which is economical and suitable for medium size brick factory.Customers can choose clay brick making machine according to their budget and production capacity.

4. Details of clay brick making machine

a. Auger of clay brick making machine. Wear-resistance metal painting technology is applied on the auger. Thus, auger will have long life.
auger of brick making machine
b. Cutting blade in the upper stage of clay brick making machine which will cut the raw material.
cutting blade of brick making machine
c. Clay pressing paddle will make the raw material dropping evenly on the extruding part.
pressing paddle of brick making machine
d. Liner of extruding part can be changed easily for the maintenance or check.
liner of brick making machine
e. Moulds can be changed freely for producing different kinds of bricks.
molds of brick making machine
f. Mixing paddle in the upper stage of clay brick making machine.
mixing paddle of brick making machine
g. Clay brick making machine in production.
working of brick making machine

5. Mechanical treatment of parts of clay brick making machine.

6. Thermal treatment of parts of clay brick making machine

7. Supporting equipment of clay brick making machine.

a. Box feeder. This machine is used for constant feeding of raw material before crushing.
box feeder
b. Crusher. This machine is used for crushing the raw material
c. Mixer. This machine is used for mixing the raw material with the water
d. Cutter. It is used for cutting the adobe strip into the green brick according to different size requirement

Our company not only provides customer with various clay brick making machine, but also provides services like brick making process design, brick firing kiln design and construction, brick dryer design and construction, brick factory turn key project. Traditional brick factory in India which make bricks by hand is time consuming and needs lots of labors. We help you build a modern brick factory.

FAQs for starting a brick factory.

Q. How much land should I prepare for starting a brick factory

A. Land requirement is varified according to different production capacity, generally ranging from 15,000 m2  to 30,000 m2  It is necessary toprepare at least 10,000 m2 to start.

Q. How much the electricity is needed for one brick factory.

A. The power of all brick factory machinery will be at least 200kw. You should ensure the power supply. According to different production capacity and automatic degree, the power requirements is different.

Q. What kind of fuel can be used for firing bricks.

A. Fuel is one of the major cost during factory operation. Gas, heavy oil or solid fuel (wood, charcoal, coal, sawdust, coffee husks, cotton seeds) will be suitable. Brick factory starter should find out the most available and economical fuel.

Q.What are the other fundamental conditions needed

A. Ensure there is enough raw material for making bricks for at least 15 years. Confirm the water supply, get the necessary license from local government.

Q.What information should I provide for getting the quotation of brick factory from you.

A. Please provide us the daily capacity and the brick size. Please tell us you need the whole brick factory or only brick machinery.

For the video of clay brick making machine, please click here

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