Clay brick making machine-Brick machine-Baoshen brick making machine

Clay brick- one of the earliest natural building materials in history of men.

For millennia, the elements of fire, water, air and earth have been merged to create a building material
of incomparable usefulness and attractiveness. And still today, the clay bricks and roof tiles prove
themselves with excellent properties. From both environmental and economic perspectives, clay bricks and
roof tiles are still a valuable, healthy and efficient construction material.

Long life
A construction material with history
Bricks and clay roof tiles are noted for an above-average lifespan which can still be seen today in buildings
erected at the time of the Romans.
A decision for life: Selecting the right building materials is a decision for life. A modern house must
comply with numerous ecological and economic demands. Our products contain the experience and know-how of nearly
200 years. By carefully selecting the raw materials and using the latest production plants, we are able to
guarantee a product that has given joy to generations.
Strict quality controls: Each individual stage of work at each factory is subject to strict quality
controls. Local laboratories check the manufacturing process and the quality of our products on an ongoing basis.
This is how we ensure that each individual brick or clay roof tile meets all quality standards.