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How to make bricks

The process of making brick generally consists of the following steps: raw material preparation, shaping, drying and firing.


Detail description of how to make bricks


1.  Clay is transported to clay yard by wheel loader. Clay enough for one week production should be stored in clay yard.

2.Clay is charged into box feeder. Belt conveyor which is under box feeder carries clay to crusher.

3.Clay is crushed one or two times by crusher according to different quality and final product requirements.

4.Clay is then transported by belt conveyor to mixer where water is added into clay.

5.The brick machine extruded the solid and smooth mud strip.

6.Mud strip is cut into green bricks with required size by column cutter and green brick cutter.

7.Green bricks are sent to dryer for drying. Drying can be accomplished by tunnel dryer or simply by sun. Tunnel dryer usually employs the residual heat from kiln to dry bricks.

8.Dried bricks are sent to kiln for firing. There are two kinds of popular kiln: Hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln. Hoffman kiln is economical but needs labor. Tunnel kiln is 2 to 3 times expensive than Hoffman kiln but saves labor. Both kilns are energy efficient.

Flow chart showing how to make bricks.

Essential conditions for starting a brick making factory:

1.Clay. Clay soil must be able to show several properties to be used for brick making. Make sure there is plenty of clay for making bricks during at least 15 years. Some other material such as shale, coal gangue, fly ash, industrial waste can be added into clay according to their quality and clay quality.

2.Water. There will need to be enough water for the clay, a source of water must be available during brick production.

3.Fuel. Fuel is used in the firing kiln to fire the bricks. Fuels can be coal, gas, oil, etc.

4.Electricity. Electricity is needed to run the machinery of brick factory.

5.Land. Enough land to support the machinery, dryer and kiln.

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FAQs for starting a brick factory.

Q. How much land should I prepare for starting a brick factory

A. Land requirement is varified according to different production capacity, generally ranging from 15,000 m2  to 30,000 m2  It is necessary toprepare at least 10,000 m2 to start.

Q. How much the electricity is needed for one brick factory.

A. The power of all brick factory machinery will be at least 200kw. You should ensure the power supply. According to different production capacity and automatic degree, the power requirements is different.

Q. What kind of fuel can be used for firing bricks.

A. Fuel is one of the major cost during factory operation. Gas, heavy oil or solid fuel (wood, charcoal, coal, sawdust, coffee husks, cotton seeds) will be suitable. Brick factory starter should find out the most available and economical fuel.

Q.What are the other fundamental conditions needed

A. Ensure there is enough raw material for making bricks for at least 15 years. Confirm the water supply, get the necessary license from local government.

Q.What information should I provide for getting the quotation of brick factory from you.

A. Please provide us the daily capacity and the brick size. Please tell us you need the whole brick factory or only brick machinery.

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