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India Brick Market Potential 2:

India Brick Market Potential:

Brick consumption at the national level has shown an Annual Cumulative Growth Rate (ACGR) of 7% for
the last few years. However, NER lags behind the national growth rate and it is expected to increase
at an ACGR of 6% in the N.E. Region. At this growth rate, the demand for bricks in NER is likely to
increase to 4000 million bricks in 2009-10.  During the same period, the production from existing
plants within the NER is expected to reach 3400 million bricks. This takes into consideration possible
improvement in capacity utilization of existing plants. The deficit for bricks in the NER may be 600
million bricks by 2009-10. Considering 70% of this deficit being clay bricks, there will be a demand
for 420 million clay bricks by 2009-10. In order to meet this demand an additional requirement of 200
brick plants (capacity 20 lakh clay bricks/year each) in the region.