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Rules for the better operation of brick factory.(Part two)

Green brick should be dry before being fired
As previously mentioned, fuel will be wasted if the energy released is used for drying green bricks
instead of firing them.

Fuel should be dry
This concept is similar to drying bricks: fuel will burn more efficiently and give off more energy if
it is dry and does not waste energy on drying other fuel.

Good control over burning saves energy and money
Clamps should not rise in temperature too fast or a lot of heat will be lost and bricks may be damaged.
The first part of the firing process dries bricks and they cannot use the heat needed to fire until dry.
Bricks far away from the fires may also not vitrify to the same extent as those near the fire if the
temperature rises too fast. The flow of air also impacts the temperature: air flow will cool a kiln and
waste energy.

Record keeping is important
Record keeping of the amount of fuel or energy used will allow the brickmakers to see if money and time
are being saved with different trial techniques. This is important if extra effort is needed to enact
an energy-saving technique.

Alternative fuels often cost less than the primary fuel source
Alternative fuels can include coal, maize cobs or rice husks, straw or animal dung. The costs may be
reduced for an equal or increased energy.