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When the once-setting brick prodution process is chosen?

a) The property of raw material is as following:  the natural water content of the raw materials is less
than 16%, the drying shrinkage is less than 3%, the drying sensitivity coefficient is less than 0.8. This
is because the wet green bricks are set in kiln or on dryer car as stack whose height should meet the
requirement of designed capacity. The layers are usually 9-15. It is suitable for raw material containing
shale and gangue, not suitable for those containing high fly ash.

b) The wet green body strength is higher and reaches 2.5 ~ 2.8kg/ cm2. If not, the lower layers will crack
due to low strength. The green bricks should be extruded by semi-stiff or stiff extrusion , whose pressure
must be more than 2.5MPa. The vacuum degree of chamber shall be more than 80%. The raw material particles
shall be reasonable.

c) The shape and structure product is not complicated. The product size is not too large, do not have too
many corners, the pore wall is not too thin, the hole type should not be too complex.