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When the twice-setting brick prodution process is chosen

The twice-setting process with drying by sun and firing by Hoffman kiln. Generally speaking, brick factory of
seasonal production who produce clay solid brick, cell brick and hollow brick with low porosity usually adopts
plasticity extrusion.

(a) The twice-setting process with drying by tunnel dryer with small section, and firing by Hoffman kiln or
tunnel kiln. When the product is solid brick, cell brick, modulus brick or hollow brick, and the raw materials
is of medium plasticity, dry linear shrinkage is more than 4% , it should adopt plastic extrusion process.

(b) The twice-setting process with drying by tunnel dryer with large section, and firing by tunnel kiln. It is
adopted when the raw material is of high plasticity index, drying sensitivity coefficient is more than 1, dry
line incorporation rate is high, the product is the big with thin-wall, porous (floor brick, large  thin-walled
porous load-bearing brick and firing hollow block). The production process should be equipped with automatic
stacking, automatic loading and unloading system, the high degree of automation in the process. This process
requires large investment, high quality staff, and the finished bricks are of high quality.